parabolan cycle

Use only intact homogenous preparation of ampoules or vials. Before use, the rubber septum vial or ampoule neck to process alcohol. Breeding parabolan cycle is recommended only 5% glucose solution for intravenous injection or 0.9% sodium chloride intravenous solution in glass vials. Since l is a fat emulsion containing no preservatives and not having antimicrobial activity, the preparation may be a favorable environment for rapid microbial growth. The emulsion should be prepared in a sterile syringe or dropper immediately after opening of the ampoule or vial. The introduction of the drug should be started without delay.

During the period of administration of  should be respected the rules of aseptic work with the product and a system for parenteral infusion. When co-administered with other medicinal products and solutions in the same system, the introduction of the latter is recommended through the Y-shaped connector or valve.  Should not be mixed with other solutions for intravenous administration. However, through the cannula can be simultaneously administered dropper 5% glucose solution, 0.9% sodium chloride or 0.18% sodium chloride and 4% glucose solution.

When infusion of undiluted  it is recommended to always use the device to control the volume of the injectable preparation, such as a droplet counter, syringe pumps or volumetric infusion pump. the introduction of lipid emulsions, including parabolan cycle, is recommended to use the same up to 12 infusion system hours. After 12 hours of use system comprising , or with a drug container to be replaced. For the introduction of the diluted  of the various embodiments may be used for intravenous infusion systems. However, the use of standard systems can not guarantee against accidental uncontrolled introduction of large volumes of diluted popofola. In a system for intravenous infusion should include means for controlling the volume of the injectable preparation, such as a droplet counter burette or volumetric infusion pump. In determining the maximum dilution burette should take into account the risk of the introduction of large doses of propofol.

Maximum dilution  should not exceed 1 part to 4 parts propofol, 5% glucose solution for intravenous injection or 0.9% sodium chloride intravenous (the content of active substance in the reconstituted solution should be less than 2 mg / ml). Breeding aseptically prepared immediately before administration of the drug, the infusion should be completed no later than 6 hours after reconstitution dilution.

Parabolan cycle had no other dilute solutions for infusion or injection. However allowed coadministration of 5% glucose solution, 0.9% sodium chloride solution with the valve through a tee in the vicinity of the injection site. In order to reduce pain at injection site  immediately prior to the lidocaine infusion can enter. In addition, prior to infusion  may be mixed with lidocaine containing no preservatives (20 parts and 1 part of propofol 1% lidocaine). Muscle relaxants such as atracurium besylate and mivakuriya chloride may be introduced at the injection just after the jet washing. System for introducing undiluted should be replaced at the end of the 12-hour period after opening of the ampoule or vial. Breeding glucose solution for intravenous injection or 5% sodium chloride solution for intravenous administration of 0.9% should be carried out under aseptic conditions, immediately before infusion, administration should be completed within 6 hours after reconstitution. Duration of treatment should not exceed 7 days.


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