parabolan steroid

In particular, there were cases metabolic acidosis, hyperlipidemia, rhabdomyolysis and / or cardiac insufficiency. These effects are most often seen in children with respiratory tract infections treated in the intensive therapy unit dose exceeding the dose for adults. Similarly, in adults receiving the drug longer than 58 hours at a rate of more hour, marked by rare cases of metabolic acidosis, rhabdomyolysis, hyperkalemia and / or rapidly progressive cardiac failure (in some cases fatal). This rate exceeds the maximum rate, recommended for use of the drug for sedation of patients in intensive care units.
Heart failure in such cases is usually not sensitive to maintenance therapy inotropic agents.
If possible, not to exceed the dose parabolan steroidhour, usually sufficient for sedation of patients on mechanical ventilation in intensive care units (with a duration of treatment for more than 1 day). You must be alert to these side effects, and at the first sign of their appearance to reduce the dose or switch to other sedatives.
The rate of administration  and should be reduced in patients with congenital dementia, patients with epilepsy, disorders of cardiac function, lungs, liver and kidneys, with hypovolemic states.
In some cases, after the application was observed during the post-operative condition of the patient unconscious, is accompanied by an increased muscle tone. Although consciousness returns alone, for patients who are unconscious, it requires careful monitoring.
Should ensure their full recovery after general anesthesia. Before discharge the patient from the hospital
Parabolan steroid contains soybean oil, which in rare cases can cause severe allergic reaction.
This medicament contains less than 1 mmol sodium (23 mg sodium) in 100 ml, which practically allows it to assume a preparation containing no sodium.
during the entire infusion time must adhere to the principles of asepsis as regards drug and with respect to the infusion equipment. Concurrent administration of other drugs by infusion system should be made as close as possible to the cannula. All the equipment for the infusion of administration can be used only once and only for a single patient.

Driving and using machinery

After the introduction parabolan steroid of the patient should be an appropriate time to be under a doctor’s supervision. Patients should be informed that he must not drive vehicles and mechanisms should avoid drinking alcohol and work in hazardous conditions on the day of taking the drug.
The patient may be allowed to go home only with an accompanying person.

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